Monday, March 26, 2018


Working on Geisthome in Sea++!

It's pretty elaborate, since it's one of the main areas you have to go through, and the last area before you rise from the Deep Web to the Web, and emotionally important to the main character.

I've implemented an AI for a troll whose house you have to go through to reclaim one of your memories. You can deal with him by avoiding him, poisoning him, or convincing him to be a pescatarian.

I've just about finished that and am moving on to sea-monster fishing and a Dark Reef of coral and monsters you can collect to do alchemy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


This month was mostly catch up and clean up work in the Deep Web.

I did a number of interesting things:

- Implemented a puzzle for fixing a neon sign.
- Implemented a puzzle for luring a shy fairy child out from under a table.
- Bug-checked an area called Awash in Gibbering Madness.
- Implemented assembling a Prophesy of Light.
- Fixed various problems with helping the Lost Colony of Roanoke settle on the ocean floor.
- Implemented how to murder people.
- Implemented adopting an octopus.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Word Count

I keep all of the versions of Sea++ saved, in case I need to go back to an earlier version.

I just reached version 100.

It's about a third done, and already 80,000 words.

Open Sorcery was about 61,000 words, and a lot simpler.

So big.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Removing the Reef

Look at this beautiful Crayon BEL/S.


I have decided to remove an area called The Reef from the game.

This is because I'm a little behind schedule in finishing the Deep Web.

And because I only have a tenuous idea of what it would contain.

That tenuous idea can be summarized as: Underwater Harvest Moon.

And honestly, that's probably its own game.

I shouldn't try to shoehorn it into this one.


Also implemented the ability to hug fairy royalty.


"In this game you'll be attacked by gibbering horrors from beyond space and time, and just like you usually do when that happens, you'll have to solve word puzzles to stay safe." - Josh Harrison

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Awash in Gibbering Madness

I am implementing an area called Awash in Gibbering Madness and it is so much fun.

Designed a Sea++ area called the Light House.

It needs one more puzzle. A biggie.

Continuing to work on synesthesia puzzles.

My game contains the phrase "unholy beeswax."

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On Twine

I've been going hard on EMERGENT, so no Sea++ update. Instead, have this short essay on my instrument of choice.


I love Twine.

I love Twine despite its primitive IDE because I'm used to working with javascript in Visual Studio, and as gloriously useful as VS is for working in C#, it still is pretty much just a syntax highlighter when you're working in javascript.

You gotta debug with console.log and the dev tools. I tolerate the dirt because I'm used to rolling around in the mud.

I forgive Twine a lot because I just like the idea so much--a one html-page game of interactive text. It's so utterly portable and lightweight, does exactly what I want creatively, and I can use all the tricks I've learned from web development to make cool shit/copy from the MASSIVE library of neat things people have done with javascript and CSS.

I find the Twine node structure a highly intuitive way of keeping myself modular and I really like having a visual structure of my program instead of just lists of files. Twine has gotten better at searching with the last update and incorporating javascript, which is what I use whenever I'm doing anything complex, is now easier.

Caveats: Undo in Twine still kind of sucks, which is why I do most of my text editing in Sublime (a beautiful text editor). I also am not a super fan of the last twine update--I feel like it made editing in-window much clunkier and I'm hoping that will be rectified.

Also, I have had to hack up the Harlowe library in many warranty voiding ways to make it do what I want. I'm kind of using my own, hacked twine library at this point.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sea++ Screens

A couple of screenshots from Sea++.

The Deep Sea map.

And the Steam Engine of your webship.