Monday, April 30, 2018

Contract Work

So I have very good but slightly inconvenient news!

I have been hired to do contract work as a narrative designer!

It's for an exciting project that I can say absolutely nothing about.

This is good for me because it means I'm getting consistently paid for doing remote, creative work. Which is the best.

This is long-term good for Open Sorcery, because it makes it increasingly unlikely that I will have to go back to a distracting 9-5.

This is short-term HIGHLY INCONVENIENT for Open Sorcery, as it means I now have three major projects competing for my attention.

(Open Sorcery: Sea++, EMERGENT, and Mystery Contract Work, for those keeping score)


I'm probably going to have to push back the release of Sea++ again because of the added workload.

But I feel bad about doing that, so what I'll probably do is create some DLC for the original Open Sorcery and release it when I WOULD HAVE released Sea++.

So there will be some sort of new content for the OS universe in April 2019.

And I will try to get better about the planning fallacy.