Monday, December 17, 2018

Open Sorcery: Jingle BEL/S

A game about technology, magic, and presents.

It's been one year since the events of Open Sorcery and BEL/S is experiencing her first holiday season as a sapient AI.

Barter with disgruntled elves.

Incinerate deadly holiday cards.

Protect your network.


And get presents for all your friends.

Jingle BEL/S is available as DLC for the original game on Steam.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jingle BEL/S Release Date: December 15th

I'm releasing Jingle BEL/S on the 15th, this Saturday.

I just put out a minor update to Open Sorcery in anticipation of releasing Jingle BEL/S.

More save slots.

Also, updated the backend, so maybe that will help with the Windows 7 problems?

Finger crossed.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Release Dates Are Hard

HOLY MOSES but my life has been a bit of nonsense lately.

Okay. I'm married. I moved to another state. I have steady freelance work to support myself. And I finished Jingle BEL/S.

I'm so close to having a stable life again, I can taste it.

I am trying to figure out when to release Jingle BEL/S.

Thematically it should be December, but that's so soon and all the big boys are doing their things and I'd get buried in the Steam store. And I made it as an apology for not making the April release of Sea++, so maybe April? But I don't know if I can bear to sit on it that long.

I'm bad at marketing guys. I'm supposed to have been promoting it for a year at this point. Oh well. I'll decide soon.

Here's a list of all the achievements currently in game to give you a sense of it:


Jingle BEL/S Achievements

Smashing Christmas Cheer
Learn about Marley and Grinchy.

Baruch Atah Adonai
Light the menorah every night.

I Am Here To Revive
Save all the spirits from the Hollow.

We Are Here To Protect
Fully protect your network from the Hollow.

Mini Me
Revive the Angel of Death with a gift that it decides to keep.

Cuddle Puddle
Give everyone a hug for Christmas.

Good Presents
Give everyone good or better presents.

Perfect Presents
Give everyone their best present.

Gilding the Lily
Make someone's perfect present EVEN BETTER.
Hint: Show the pocket watch to Macabe.

Foreshadowing Unlocked
Give everyone their best present and reach Dreaming 100.

Dreamed of Decker
Complete Decker's dream.

Dreamed of Janet
Complete Janet's dream.

Dreamed of Sarah
Complete Sarah's dream.

Dreamed of Pyreworm
Complete Pyreworm's dream.

The Best Dream
Complete Mrs. Best's dream.

Mail yourself something from a dream.

Binary Evocator Leery of Stairs
Make it to the Cafeteria in Sarah's dream.

Irritate Smokey
Encounter and upset Smokey the Bear in Pyreworm's dream.

i have no mouth and i'm actually pretty chill about it
Build yourself without a mouth in Decker's dream.

Open The Closet
Find Janet's father in her dream.

Sweet Dreams
Get help with your nightmares.

Expert Dreamer
Reached 100 Dreaming.