Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tiny Work Week

Took some time off for Thanksgiving so this week was less productive than usual.

Wrote part of the new day.

Ran through on speed mode, fixed a bunch of bugs it opened up.

Have ALMOST fixed the iOS saving problem. I think. I hope.

Got this swank background from the dude who made my logo.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Status update!

On the technical side, I finished up saving and fixed a few bugs. I'm actively working on an iOS issue that impacts saving.

On the (WAY more interesting) content side, I've planned out all the additions I want to make:

* An extra day with a new spirit to find.
* New options if you have specific combinations of motives/matters.
* You can find and attack the final boss early.
* Sarah and Janet can become friends.
* Toby and Pyreworm can become friends.
* You can summon Schrodinger's cat.
* You can have a riddle contest with Titania.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Internal Work and Logo

I did a lot of internal work. No new content, but code and game-experience improvements.

Open Sorcery is so large it kind of breaks Twine--there are so many passages the online utility has trouble rendering them. I improved on this in 16W2KaV@McD by reloading single nodes for long, no-choice sequences, incrementing a variable. It makes the UI a lot easier to manage. I converted a lot of OS' sequences to this style.

I implemented a Speed Run mode--a mode that skips the majority of the text, jumping directly to significant decisions. This is intended to help people replay the game without having to click a lot. (It also makes my debugging easier.)

I'm currently wrestling with implementing a more elaborate save system. It's irritatingly hard, I think mostly because my brain isn't really recovered from my 14 hour days during the election.

To go with all of this technical stuff, I have a visual treat. The image that will be representing OS on Steam:

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Update: This Week On Open Sorcery

I've yet to get into the meat of expanding the game. I've been busy with my day job and preparing for GaymerX.

I'm going to be running an ARG at GaymerX! Take a look at my current draft for the rabbit hole:
Rabbit Hole

I'm also going to be giving a talk on how to make an engaging game using only text:
Gaming With Words: The Beauty Of Text Based Video Games

I'm talking to a company called IndieNova to get the Steam Release of Open Sorcery translated into Chinese.

And I'm looking into getting someone to help me with PR, because it intimidates me.

And I was Supergirl for Halloween.

But mostly I've been busy at work.