Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Social Distancing Sale

You can now get Open Sorcery for free on itch.o.

Open Sorcery on itch.o

You can get it for 87% off on Steam.

Open Sorcery on Steam

(That's the biggest discount Steam would let me put in.)

Play games. Be safe.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Release Date: Winter 2021

I finished another area in Sea++.

I think I've gotten over the middle hump of the project and the end is in sight.

I feel comfortable setting a release date again, so here it is:

Winter 2021

I'm aiming for after the Christmas rush in the quiet months of January and February.

(Not that I really need to worry about market trends. I'm so tiny.)

I'm going to start simultaneously working on promotion.



Oh well. Gotta do it. Want people to see my art.

Does anyone know any influencers who like to talk about text-based games?