Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On Twine

I've been going hard on EMERGENT, so no Sea++ update. Instead, have this short essay on my instrument of choice.


I love Twine.

I love Twine despite its primitive IDE because I'm used to working with javascript in Visual Studio, and as gloriously useful as VS is for working in C#, it still is pretty much just a syntax highlighter when you're working in javascript.

You gotta debug with console.log and the dev tools. I tolerate the dirt because I'm used to rolling around in the mud.

I forgive Twine a lot because I just like the idea so much--a one html-page game of interactive text. It's so utterly portable and lightweight, does exactly what I want creatively, and I can use all the tricks I've learned from web development to make cool shit/copy from the MASSIVE library of neat things people have done with javascript and CSS.

I find the Twine node structure a highly intuitive way of keeping myself modular and I really like having a visual structure of my program instead of just lists of files. Twine has gotten better at searching with the last update and incorporating javascript, which is what I use whenever I'm doing anything complex, is now easier.

Caveats: Undo in Twine still kind of sucks, which is why I do most of my text editing in Sublime (a beautiful text editor). I also am not a super fan of the last twine update--I feel like it made editing in-window much clunkier and I'm hoping that will be rectified.

Also, I have had to hack up the Harlowe library in many warranty voiding ways to make it do what I want. I'm kind of using my own, hacked twine library at this point.