Thursday, October 10, 2019

Princess Majestic Quest

Here's the project that has been paying my bills for about a year now!

It's a match-3 phone game featuring the Disney princesses.

The premise is that there was a storm of magical gemstones that ravaged their kingdoms, and the princesses need to deal with the fallout, restoring and ultimately improving a lot of iconic locations.

I was hired by a gentleman named Vincent who found Open Sorcery by searching for "female protagonist" on Steam.

I've been working with a team from the Ukraine, who are thoughtful, creative, and good at pretending to be vampires.


The writing in this is different from my regular stuff--you'll find it to be tamer and briefer. That's the nature of the beast (and sometimes the nature of the Beast) when working within someone else's IP in a game where narrative sections must be short.

It's been wonderful training in cutting out all but the most important parts of a scene, and I think I'm getting progressively better at it.

It's been REALLY great training in working with editors and taking and giving constructive feedback!

The project is by no means done--they want to make more worlds with more princesses.

Which is lovely, because it means I have steady but flexible work that leaves me open to also work on Sea++. :)

Friday, September 6, 2019

BEL/S and Pyreworm and the Flower

Please appreciate with me this beautiful piece of fan art of BEL/S giving Pyreworm a marigold flower.

Pyreworm looks so aptly like she's not sure what to do with it and BEL/S slightly more advanced emotional intelligence and crush is apparent in her eyes.

And, I didn't notice this at first, but Pyreworm's speech bubble is multiple forward slashes, which is a common symbol in programming used for comments--portions of code that aren't compiled. She's programmatically speechless.

(dances with delight)

This lovely thing was created by @seasaltspectre on instagram!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Detroit: Become Nothing

Still working on Fairyland in Sea++!

In the meantime, I made a much smaller fan game for Detroit: Become Human, one of my favorite fish-saving and housework simulators of 2018.

As a fan game obviously it's free, and it's also one of the most complicated bits of programming I've ever made.

If you've played Detroit, you may enjoy it.

Content warning: Nihilism, Potential Major Character Death, Forgetting Hank

Here's a link:
Detroit: Become Nothing