Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Internal Work and Logo

I did a lot of internal work. No new content, but code and game-experience improvements.

Open Sorcery is so large it kind of breaks Twine--there are so many passages the online utility has trouble rendering them. I improved on this in 16W2KaV@McD by reloading single nodes for long, no-choice sequences, incrementing a variable. It makes the UI a lot easier to manage. I converted a lot of OS' sequences to this style.

I implemented a Speed Run mode--a mode that skips the majority of the text, jumping directly to significant decisions. This is intended to help people replay the game without having to click a lot. (It also makes my debugging easier.)

I'm currently wrestling with implementing a more elaborate save system. It's irritatingly hard, I think mostly because my brain isn't really recovered from my 14 hour days during the election.

To go with all of this technical stuff, I have a visual treat. The image that will be representing OS on Steam:

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