Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Planning Fallacy

So! The good news is the game is about a week away from being done. I'm error testing and polishing now.

All the rest of the news is mildly frustrating.

Slight complication: The translators can't parse my text from my code, so I needed to strip out all my code. This means I'll have to reinsert the Chinese translation line by line. I will look at this as an opportunity to find a proper javascript translation service in anticipation of maybe someday doing this again with other languages.

The IRS still hasn't seen fit to publish my tax information so that Steam can verify it. I may call them. Because of this I can't do any of the advertising I was hoping to do gearing up for the release since I have no Steam page to direct people to.

Because of these complications I'll probably need to hold off on the release another month, meaning it will be out in February. This frustrates me because I'm going to HAVE the game ready, but it's just the things around it that aren't lined up!

Ah well. Classic planning fallacy. I should have budgeted more time for things not going as expected.

I'll take that month and use it to add neat animations and more sound effects.

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