Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Release Push

I recently had a talk with a person in game marketing who informed me that it is a TERRIBLE idea to release anything during December because that's when all the big people are releasing their stuff.

So I'm moving the release date of OS Steam to mid-January. Because apparently that's a dead-zone where no one's doing much of anything.

Power Word Marketing.

In regards to the game itself: The save/load system I implemented makes debugging WAY easier. So does the fast mode.

The timer at the end is now OPTIONAL. Sort of. You can make it real time, or you can have it decrease whenever you click it. I did this because I got lots of complaints that people didn't have time to read my beautiful writing.

I'm working on the new day--I just finished what goes on in Decker's apartment. He's a grump.

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