Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Translation Crunch!

Sorry I didn't posts a status last week--I had the flu!

It's mostly gone now.

Anyway! Translating Open Sorcery into Chinese is a go. Because of this I am rushing like crazy to get in all my text changes by tomorrow.

I'm ALMOST done with all the new writing! It's lots of fun getting more into the character relationships. All I have to finish now is a sequence with BEL/S, Toby, and Pyreworm.

The translation process is complicated by the fact that I've added a sequence that references to the Anishinaabe practice of singing to water to heal it, and I need to run that writing by people familiar with the culture to make sure I'm not being horribly offensive. So I may have a page or five that need re-translating some time in January. We'll see.

Once I have the text with the translators, I'm going to add some more visuals and sounds.

On the more-boring-but-still-exciting-in-its-own-way side of things, my business is setup so I've been able to go forward with signing up with Steam. I'm now waiting for them to verify my tax information.


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