Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Inventroy and Spells

Got the inventory system working.

Is a little complicated because you can collect ship part to trick out your web-ship, and I wanted to pre-implement a quality filter and how you equip them.

Also have half-implemented spells.

Not sure if I will control when you can use spells, or let you cast them willy-nilly. Will decide based on implementation of first world.


  1. Hey you!
    I'm the guy that was so amazed by your game, a few posts back. Came back to ask about ways to throw money at you, again. So, uhm - Donations? Patreon? :p

    Also, question at the side: What do you code in, yourself? And what engine are you using?


  2. Oh! I did something about that but forgot to post about it. :)

    I made a page for what people can do to help out! A link for donations is included. Thank you for asking!

    And for this game I use almost exclusively javascript, with the Twine engine. In OS I mostly just used Twine as it was intended, but I'm hacking it pretty hard in OS2, so way more pure javascript work.